About Us

We are a team of marketing & advertising specialists, analysts and engineers that help brand derive the best out of their advertising budgets through innovative strategies, campaigns and our patented marketing analytics products. Our product was founded on the basic belief that web tech and tele tech can combine and provide numerous use cases to solve multitude of problems like advertising ROI, lead and call analytics, technology to stop phishing and skimming, internet less payment systems etc

The technology used is a patented and revolutionary technology that is like an Android /iOS / Blockchain platform, that uses multiple platforms (web-tech & tele-tech), to extend the capability & functionality of the web to deliver multiple use-cases that solves multitude of problems like advertising ROI, advanced marketing analytics and call attribution

Our product for advertisers and marketers - Adoroi

Adoroi Adtech

Our brand promise is to enable "a quantum leap". Our brand mascot is the Red Kangaroo. It can cover 27 feet in just one leap while reaching heights of 6 feet and a speed of 56 kilometre per hour. The red kangaroo's legs work like an elastic rubber band. Stretching as the animal comes down and then releasing its energy to propel the kangaroo up and forward.

Our Core Values


We are ahead times. We create solutions anticipating your needs.


We are fast. We adapt quickly.
And we are flexible.


Adoroi makes it fun to work and
to do business.

3 Innovative Products

Adoroi Adtech
Adoroi Fortknox Cyber Security
Adoroi digilobby- visitor management

Our Team

At Adoroi, the challenge, the constant flow of adrenaline, the need to do better, be ahead of the times make it exciting. And our team is geared to go that extra mile.

CEO of Company

Mitesh Thakker


18 Years Work Experience in Marketing & Sales

Team Member 1

Dharmista Thakker

Director Corporate

4 Years Work Experience in Management & Administration

Team Member 2

Muralitharapandian K

Director - Technical

18 Years Work Experience in Software development

Team Member 3

Satnam Singh Khanna

Senior Manager- Software Development

14 Years Work Experience in Software Development

Team Member 4

Sailesh Thakker

Chief Finance and Accounts

20 Years Work Experience in Accounts & Finance

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Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface

Adoroi introduced power-packed mobile application for call analytics and lead to revenue management solution.